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Xiaomi redmi note 3 pro=20 fps

Samsung galaxy A01=60 fps

very crude

i like it


 c o m e d y 

Hi Just wanted to let you know what i made a youtube video on sonic Suggests. Anyone interested can check it out right here:


wow, you're talent


I played your game and it starts at 20:19

I have never played sonic suggest before and I will play it I seen sonic and shadow play it and seeing shadow suffering is funny


the best sonic game i have ever played

This is a legendary game

engraçado demais

yaay i can buy it free

otimo jogo. 

Ouvi falar que a marvel esta envolvida na criacao desse jogo

this game is funny homies

plz make it free i want it but i cant buy it😭

it is free ;-;

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How did you make the .ZIP album? I'm trying to make an early release album for my game i'm developing called "BreadWinners", A game about two 19 year old bread brothers: "Tim" and "Sid" (What a surprise that's the names of two TV stars!), That go outside of their Fallout bunker after a great war on their home planet "Breadtopia", But their short outing becomes a great adventure, as they get lost in the forest, and Then become the planets only hope  (I'm still thinking of parts for the plot).

pls make this a full game 

sux for me becouse it slow

Loved this! Super legit fun game. Please make another! :D

Decided to check this one out again.
The Mac version won't update because the file gets corrupted when uploaded or downloaded, this is a common problem I saw during Ludum Dare.

Good news, I fixed it with a chmod terminal command.  Placing it inside a DMG file before uploading prevents it from being corrupted.

I can upload my DMG if you'd like.

This is great uwu

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game's not letting me play it...


GIve me my soul back plz

This is my first sonic the hedgehog game, and honestly I was impressed. The graphics are phenomenal, the pictures don't do it justice. I've never played a more realistic game. Honestly it's pretty impressive this game was released for free, but I don't see it holding up in todays market with the topics it touches on. 10/10 game, would go fast agane. 

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I'm not sure what I just played. I'm just glad that I had started drinking.

On mobile the game crashes after the intro.

Not really knowing what to expect, I went in completely blind, and I had a blast with this game. Thank you for making it and i'd love to check out more from you in the future. 

Nice game. I will start making mods for this game

I Will Try To Put Baldi In This Game

nice idea


really fun camera work, awkward at times but overall a really dank experience :)

played this game a few years ago, still the best game ever

dank memes and litty reactions aside, this had some fun gameplay and good camera work. not the first two things i usually praise about a meme game lol. i wouldn't mind seeing this fleshed out into a longer adventure. kudos!

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haven't payed it yet. .exe game program ain't work'in . could ya please fix it so it runs on windows 10 home. 

Soooo...ummmmm XD

Soooo... I played this lol. It is exactly as derpy as you want it to be. 10/10 would let Eggy B***h yeet me into another dimension again 👌

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