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im so excited to play this

it crashed my computer :(

I played this one a long time ago and wanted to check it out again, but I guess it doesn't work on Mac OS Catalina.  Could we get a 64-bit build?

and the ending i thought there was an acutal java update lol


sonic is life


Hilarious, a very funny and an effortful joke. Somehow feels like a real sonic game. Great filters and shadows for such a game, fantastic.

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I will do a video on this soon ok


memes bois, all we need are memes.






Sonic have cj voice!

cant wait for the sequel my dude <3

So much Energy Put into such a silly game of Wtf!

Simply an experience... XD


Normally, I write an entire review on the game, but for this one, I am speechless.. It is simply a piece of art. The Holy Grail of Indie games!

I've decided to share my experience through the technology known to men as 'a video'.

Thank you for bringing this piece of wonder amongst us mortals!

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oh boy. ohhhhhhhh boyyyyyy. If you have 5-10 minutes to kill and 0 standards, please play this game.

What the hell did I just play

hey can i download this on my android phone?

Sure, just download .apk file from downloads section.

Keep your expectations low, though, it was just a quick test and requires pretty powerful device to run.

Cool game

Amazing game designed by Hideo Kojima! Hands down his best work yet lol. 


I'm lost for words :P


I know there is an easteregg at the 10th time you played the game, because it said after the 9th time next time ill tell u a joke. but i did not see the easter egg because i had to quit instantly D: somebody pls play 10 times and say what easter egg

the joke is: "im not weak"

lol thx

and here is the 11th


Best Sonic Game Ever Made Better Than Unleashed Generations Forces 10/10 Even Better Than Sonic Mania

Umm Incorrect

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it's called a joke my dude

You can't run from this Sonic! How fast you go!

All I have to say is that, Sonic and his team are having a really bad day... or good? I’m not sure if they realize the gravity of there situation, as well as how hideous they look like in this new adventure they’re undertaking. But regardless if they realize it or not, there deformities is greatly hilarious to me, and as always, It’s up to Sonic to save the day with his new man boobs (  .  )  (  .  ) lol

Unique... definitely unique 

What a bizzare game.

Absolutely beautiful Sonic game! Sega, is that you?


Sanic Suggest!

This is probably the best sonic game ive ever played  10/10 

I like the ZA WARUDO cube.

made an account just for this comment.

First off. Game runs perfect on Galaxy S9+

Second. For the dev. Shut up and take my money. I want to see a full 50+ hour game and will shovel cash at you to make that happen. Seriously. Get with whoever owns Sega and ask what you can do to make a fan game then kickstart the thing.

Third and final thought goes to the people that play this. Focus on the actual gameplay itself. This game feels way more like a true sonic game than most of the games that come out from the actual studio. I really hope you enjoy it.

Sorry for late reply, but thanks.

Yes, i have plans for sequel, but it will probably take a very long time to have something playable, since i want to up my modelling and animation skills first.

this sonic game is actually not too bad and pretty funny :)




I wish this could be made into a full game

Epic as heck.

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