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Great and Horrible at the sametime, its Perfect! Sonic Forces was kinda Disappointing yet I still had fun with it, I Remember saying other play this a while ago and I am so happy I can play to!

wow so cool loved it nice

Best Game Ever

That was an experience.

Make more levels

Pretty cool Sonic game. If Shadow was in here tho 🐥

Feel free to check my video out🦔

this is both the best and worst looking sonic game ever and i love it 

dear god.

dear god


This is the best game I have ever had the absolute pleasure of playing. Do you work at Sega cause this is some high quality stuff right here. 11/10

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10/10 "A fucking masterpiece!" -IGN

10/10 "Beautiful environment, deep intense and powerful story" -Steven Spielberg

10/10 "The greatest sequel" -Hugh Jackman

10/10 "A love letter to everyone at sega and sonic team" -Barack Obama

10/10 "A crazy as fuck acid trip journey made into glorious, unique art"            -Duncan Trussell

10/10 "Hope there's another part, this is an amazing and breathtaking game" -GameSpot

10/10 "Best award-winning game of the year!" -Geoff Keighley 

ein fiebertraum der sich wie eine mischung aus schlecht und großartig anfühlt und mit einem besuch beim psychologen enden kann aufgrund des extrem schweren darksouls ähnlichen bossfights am ende dieses meisterwerkes.


Greatest Game Ever created. Thank you for giving me this experience. I hope that you can make more masterpieces like this!

9/10 - game good

Good Game!

Uncanney Valley Sonic, very creep :)

Full Play No Commentary 

Super Sanic

i beated eggman to death 🥶😎👌👌👌👌🥶🥶😎

как вы стали настолько успешным за такое уороткое время? 


I am so happy I was able to play this masterpiece. More than once even. It was a grand time indeed. 

This is like, unironically amazing

What in god's name is this masterpiece

Ahahaha i loved it !

i know this is old.  However im a huge massive sonic fan. Ive been using the user name sonicxsam since i started using the internet as a kid. I own so many sonic products. hell i make sure to wear sonic products and my favorite sonic hat every video. I can say for certain this was a great experience in the dark times of sonic.  I hope sonic keeps going in great directions like it is doing now. Well done game legit had a great time


The ending was very disturbing. Maybe you could consider making a sequel.

this what I call shitpost meme

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Hey 3di70r is this a parody or a Fangame of Sonic Forces


best game ever no cap

Awesome this was the best game i played this year. It was so amazing that i cried after it was over. With the heartbreaking story of this game it is easily  the best of this year. You should defintly continue this games legacy and make more of it.




This game was amazing. So emotion packed. At the end I was almost full of tears. This game has truly changed my life. Everyday I look back at this masterpiece and think to myself how game changing this game truly is. I don't think I have ever played a game just like this. I was playing with a friend and he was truly swayed by this masterpiece of a game. It was just so emotional. I mean I felt like this game truly was the meaning of life. I knew that this game would impact my life the second that I joined. The characters design was just SO AMAZING that it almost felt unreal to me and my friend. Honestly I have no words to say on how amazing this truly is. I am at the point of a full emotional breakdown because I can not tell you how amazing and emotional this game is. I truly am so happy I found this game. Thank you THANK YOU. Thank you that is really all that can come out of my mouth because I am so emotional right at this very moment. Perfect 10,000/10. Thank you so much for bringing this game into my life.

This game made me question everything... Loved it tho. almost cried when eggman died

I we understand each other, almost like we were meant to be...

I think i love you..

Cool game here's a speedrun

wow sonic adventure 3 looks gr8!

this game is just the most wonderful game ever it inspired me to become a sandwich, thank u for the blessing u have given this world with this sonic game that beats out ever mainstream sonic game in every aspect. ur just better.


I'm waiting for someone here to write an entire 5-paragraph essay on how much of an inspirational and life-changing experience this game is.

Sonic in his most beautiful and perfect form, an absolute masterpiece

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