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I had a lot of with this one. I trolled my community with this one, but I'm not complaining. 

Where the soundtrack

frontiers got nothin on this

I think you should put this on the Play store so would be easier to download it

wow best game evar so epic and sanic and totally not on a gunpoint rn pls release my family please

Warning to viewers: SPOILERS IN VIDEO!




This was super funny to play through and see the Sanic Gang in action. XD


Gameplay en español completo

Muy divertido! 

I trolled so many people with this game lol

For a cursed sonic game this was pretty good, I liked it.

I can imagine warped sonic music playing in the devs head when making this


Why is there a fake java update at the end?


better than all sonic games

on god

I know i'm late to the party, but genuinely had a blast with this!

better than sonic frontiers

The game was beautiful. True Sonic Lore.

Funny and well made game, great job!

the best sonic game on the planet ever 

Just found out about this game recently and decided to try it and it gave me some laughs lol
Deleted post

Very late to this maybe years late.

Better late than never, right?

If Sonic took bad decisions that's how he would've look like.  Game needs a sequel 

this game had me confused and laughing all the way to the end

Best sonic fangame ever

this is amazing game i love it i thougt i was a child back when trully a best fangame the bossfight was the best writen piece of fiction 12/10 who made this trully is genius!!!

very fun

Late to the party, but this game was ridiculous in the best way

What a game, I love it😂

What a game, I love it😂

I'm sorry bro this game looks like if i got my school printer and printed the sonic forces game 3x and got this or you try to buy a sonic game on ebay but all you get is a bootleg and now the scammer has 1,000 dollars in cash.


WoAh its the MAN that CAN he is faster then lght and faster when he eats chilli dogs that are made from bell taco wonder how he is so fast,

I hate this for the gameplay actually being sorta decent


sonic looks cool





Does anyone of you want to go to my website?

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Hey! Played your game and have to say, this is my favorite sonic game so far (I haven't played any). Love the cutscenes LOOL. Was a good experience. Hope you don't mind that I made a vid!

wow is cool!


a magnum opus of gaming perfect graphic , award winning story, amyzing control,the best sound track in the history of man,great characters mainly nukleks the enchelada , just perfection all around



Deleted 1 year ago

feck yuo

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