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Hideo Kojima's Sonic Nipples 。゚(TヮT)゚。


if ya enjoy da art I draw for my thumbnails or the vid consider leaving a like, thanks peeps :3

Oh Sonic, how your fan games are always the best. Great work, game me nightmares 10/10

10/10 -IGN



well that was an experience...


I'm impressed by how polished this memey game is lol. But the java update killed me at the end xD Got bamboozled there.

I loved it. Was confused as to what I was playing at the start, but the closing moments hit me hard. Hahaha.

i have no idea what compels a person to create another sanic meme but not bad 

I think I died....

We'll had me literally LOLing at a few points.

I understand that the lack of polish gives it it's charm, but the general UX could be improved.  Keep everything the same, except make it easier to control.

Pure gold. Too bad I couldn't get a good fps with my computer but still loved it. Bless    🙏 🙏 🙏

Gave the game a shot over on my channel, ArthurPlays:

Frenchement pas mal !!

awesome game had  a blast with it super funny too and the graphics are amazing cant wait for more!!

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OMG I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!! Honestly though, this is the hardest I've laughed in a long time. I decided to play it again, because of how fun it was, and I discovered a different end screen! I've played it 4 times so far, and can't wait to keep on playing to see the other end screens! Also, quick  question, as I have yet to successfully do this, but do you get something like an extra life for collecting 100 rings? Edit: I went ahead and got 100 rings, nothing happened. That's okay though. Also, I finished the game for the tenth time, surprised it's still going. Determined to get to the end though.

Glad that someone noticed it. 

Life system is just a joke. In ~1 hour before release, i realized that i completely forgot to create any UI or game over screen, so i quickly implemented fake life counter, which can go below zero, so there is no point in lives.

Had a lot of fun, playing a sonic game again even if it wasnt a official one. I love the character models please dont change them. Its make the game better. Will you be doing another level ? 

Don't worry, i will not change them, even for bugfixes. As for level, no, this game is completed, and every new idea i'll try to implement in sequel.


More levels please!


Sorry, but i'm pretty much done with this game. However, if i'll make a sequel, it will have more levels, more characters, and more content overall.


yesss it will be glorious. also please make infinite in a t-pose as the  final boss or something dumb like that.


thanks 🅱️

What is the ending song to the game? 

I'm going to say this, I think:


Thank you!

And people say SEGA doesn't make good games anymore!

In this gripping sequel to the smash hit 'Sonic Forces' you play as sonic sent back to the past. In this game you have the power to run, jump, and even run! Just remember to set the graphics to a setting your eyes and computer can handle. Otherwise it won't run very well and you'll be blinded by the true perfection that the newest rendition of sonic.

It seems SEGA has finally gotten their shit together long enough to produce a masterpiece worthy of a 8/10. Truly a suggestion worth listening to.

"3d sonic games dont work"

Haha, just wait till those dorks who say that see THIS game

"Maybe it's a good thing Kojima left Konami."

-Vinny Pizzapasta

Pls, I'm begging you, do more!

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Im actually thinking about proper full-length sanic game with similar goofy setting. But my sculpting skill kinda upped from "hilariously bad" to "bad" and as a non-artist i cannot draw a line between "I must fix that error" and "This is a model feature, leave it as is", so each time i end up with something like this:

Models in this game, however, was my first genuine attempt at sculpting and rigging, so they look so bad unintentionally (kinda).

So i think, i should reconsider how i sculpt them, before making a sequel.

Really happy to hear that you want to make a full-length game!

I wish I could be of any help with this problem. Try this: instead of trying to figure out which errors you should correct and which ones you shouldn't, why don't you just try to not correct anything at all? It might work

I would suggest making the characters error free and find a work around to get the design feature you wanted. The reason why is that it could create severe problems when building the game as I have had when I didn't notice an error once. Also for feedback on your design for knuckles since this is your 1st redesign it looks great.

Noice, Sanic!!!!

This is literally the best game ever. Someone should remake all of sonic forces this way, I would pay good money for it XD

This actually wasn't bad! It was hilarious and I had a blast playing it. The models actually looked decent, the sounds and atmosphere was great. There aren't enough well made meme games like this out there. I definitely wanted more. Thanks so much for making this!

One of the games featured in the video! Super funny game I got some great laughs out of it lol

This was honestly one of the most fun and funniest games I've played on my channel! I laughed the whole way through!

This was am amazing experience. In return, I made this video which features my own attempt at a sonic fan made thing..

Glad that you liked it. Thanks for the video, it was really fun.

ho w  much money did you have now from creating this 

Well, it did win 50$ on RAGE 2018 game jam, but they never contacted me about it.

So, 0$, this is non profit game, and i never intended to gain any profit from it.

What is the number of 

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What is the number of what?

The number of. Do you remember it?

Windows killed this off faster than I can download it.

I played the game three times, I wait for 2 parts or at least DLC

is it reasonable for me to ask that you make a mac version?

Sure, i've compiled MacOs version too. Unfortunately, i have no device to test it, so please, tell me, if its working properly.

It works like a charm

Hey dude! I know this is a bit of a dumb question, but could you make a Linux version?

I'm not sure how hard it is to compile the game for a new platform, but if its not to much trouble, could you?

Sure, its literally two clicks in Unity. I've uploaded it to downloads section.

Thank you so much! I suggest to myself I press install right away!

I'm sad it was so short. This was actually really fun to play!

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Well, i don't plan to add new levels to this game, but who knows, maybe i'll do a proper sequel someday.

Anyway, i've pushed an update with bugfixes and improvements, which also adds bunch of new stuff. So at least, you have a reason to replay again.

Good to know! I'm just looking  forward to what you end up making next.


Best game ever. 10/10 

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