A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Are you good enough to help Sanic to defeat Dr.Eegman once again?

Oh no! Evil Dr.Eegman is back with his new genious plan! He teleported Modern Sanic to "Classic Sanic's" dimension, and now only you can help him to return back. Find a way to fight back to Dr.Eegman, and return to your own dimension.

Be smart, be fast, be Sanic!

Run at blazing fast speeds through most recognizeable Sonic the Hedgehog zone! Enjoy new high definition look of the classic location, with state of the art graphical effects.

Teils and Nukleks are in charge again!

For a long period of time, Teils the Fux and Nukleks the Enchillada were just a background characters, that appeared only in cutscenes, but it's no more! They are now fully-fledged companions! They will follow Sanic and help him in his adventures!

Cinematic experience of this generation!

Masterfully directed camera angles for cinematic experience and Interactive storytelling will get you sitting at the edge of your seat right to the end!


  • W, A, S, D or Arrows - Movement
  • Space - Jump

About Android Version:

I hadn't thought about mobile version when i was making this game, so it contains very high-poly models, which isn't very suitable for mobile devices. I've stripped effects and changed shaders here and there to mobile-friendly, but overall, this version is something like "Proof of Concept", because few people asked, and currently not supported. You need very powerful device to run this (~20fps on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro)

Published 78 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date Feb 03, 2018
Made withBlender, Unity, Audacity, Paint.net
Tags3D, cinematic, Comedy, Fangame, Parody, Short, Singleplayer, sonic, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Smartphone


Sonic Suggests v1.1 Windows.zip 140 MB
Sonic Suggests v1.1 Linux.zip 165 MB
Sonic Suggests v1.1 MacOS.zip 146 MB
Sonic Suggests v1.0 Windows.zip 139 MB
Sonic Suggests v1.0.apk 85 MB
Sonic Suggests Unoriginal Soundtrack.zip 19 MB

Development log


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Dude, what is the little joke in your game? I am scared to play this game after "One more time and I will show you a little joke".

Plz, answer me!

The motion blur always throws me off. Is it possible to disable?

To think that Sega wanted to cancel this masterpiece.

Game of the YEAR

Well Sonic have definitely let himself go! This was quite an entertaining game! 

funny game

If nothing else, this got me to look up Sonic Boom clips to include. Surprisingly not that bad for a Sonic TV show. Not that I've ever seen a full episode, but youtube had some decent clips. Oh yeah, I was supposed to talk about the game here. Whoops.

So I had fun playing this for what it was, a hilarious sonic fan made game, I do like how the soundtrack resembled Sonic Forces! I had fun and jammed out a bit too, somethings were kinda strange which Im sure was the intent!

Remember Drugs,DONT DO KIDS

This game was pretty lit fam


I had no idea what I was doing but I enjoyed it.

is to funny


Gave it a go...


One of The funniest games i played to this day 


I love this game


this is pure LSD!

Ah yes. THIS is the Sonic I love. Cracked out with no idea where he is. FeelsGoodMan.


Meth, not even once...


Best game of the year......


Best. Game. Ever.


The future of Sonic is looking quite bright!

The Blue Blur comes in with a satisfying win!



Hideo Kojima's Sonic Nipples 。゚(TヮT)゚。


if ya enjoy da art I draw for my thumbnails or the vid consider leaving a like, thanks peeps :3

Oh Sonic, how your fan games are always the best. Great work, game me nightmares 10/10

10/10 -IGN



well that was an experience...


I'm impressed by how polished this memey game is lol. But the java update killed me at the end xD Got bamboozled there.

I loved it. Was confused as to what I was playing at the start, but the closing moments hit me hard. Hahaha.

i have no idea what compels a person to create another sanic meme but not bad 

I think I died....

We'll had me literally LOLing at a few points.

I understand that the lack of polish gives it it's charm, but the general UX could be improved.  Keep everything the same, except make it easier to control.

Pure gold. Too bad I couldn't get a good fps with my computer but still loved it. Bless    🙏 🙏 🙏

Gave the game a shot over on my channel, ArthurPlays:

Frenchement pas mal !!

awesome game had  a blast with it super funny too and the graphics are amazing cant wait for more!!

(Edited 1 time)

OMG I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH!!! Honestly though, this is the hardest I've laughed in a long time. I decided to play it again, because of how fun it was, and I discovered a different end screen! I've played it 4 times so far, and can't wait to keep on playing to see the other end screens! Also, quick  question, as I have yet to successfully do this, but do you get something like an extra life for collecting 100 rings? Edit: I went ahead and got 100 rings, nothing happened. That's okay though. Also, I finished the game for the tenth time, surprised it's still going. Determined to get to the end though.

Glad that someone noticed it. 

Life system is just a joke. In ~1 hour before release, i realized that i completely forgot to create any UI or game over screen, so i quickly implemented fake life counter, which can go below zero, so there is no point in lives.

Had a lot of fun, playing a sonic game again even if it wasnt a official one. I love the character models please dont change them. Its make the game better. Will you be doing another level ? 

Don't worry, i will not change them, even for bugfixes. As for level, no, this game is completed, and every new idea i'll try to implement in sequel.


More levels please!


Sorry, but i'm pretty much done with this game. However, if i'll make a sequel, it will have more levels, more characters, and more content overall.


yesss it will be glorious. also please make infinite in a t-pose as the  final boss or something dumb like that.


thanks 🅱️

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