Mega spring update

I never thought about updating this game, to preserve it's original "crappy charm", but something clicked in me, and here it is.


This update based on my original ideas, which i never managed to do, due to very limited time constraints.
Here is complete list of changes:


  • Now motobug have attack animation with sound *chomp* *chomp*
  • Audio now continues to play, after game is minimized
  • Ground collision detection is now more stable
  • Ring counter now resets when player drowns
  • Player falling animation now a little bit faster
  • Title screen now have dark gray background color, so black part of the logo is visible
  • Game now uses deferred rendering only on high-end GPU's, so expect performance boost on slow devices
  • Game now restarts itself after completion, so you can replay it again
  • No more shadow artifacts on walls in intro
  • Now Teils and Nukleks jump a little bit higher

Level Design

  • Added Mega spring, shoots everyone into space
  • Rings in the long path between Teils and giant spring now can be collected from ground
  • Nukleks now has some rings from the start, so he doesnt die right away
  • Nukleks has much louder voice when he sees Sanic
  • Slightly enlarged camera trigger on the Plateau, so it will trigger even if you did not landed in the waterfall start
  • Slightly tweaked camera path near Boss-> landmark, so it doesnt move so close to the grass
  • Moved decorations here and there


  • Slight intro changes
  • Camera transition from Eegman to EegMobile was fixed
  • Now EegMobile's Ball properly swinging
  • Boss yelling does not overlaps if hit multiple times
  • Added "Lipsync", Eegman now bobs his head to his phrases
  • Eegmobile flames slightly tweaked
  • Teils and Nukleks now help you to attack boss

Update is currently for Windows version only.


Sonic Suggests v1.1 140 MB
Apr 03, 2018
Sonic Suggests v1.1 165 MB
Apr 04, 2018
Sonic Suggests v1.1 146 MB
Apr 05, 2018

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