Soundtrack Release

Guys, you are crazy.

When i stumbled upon first comment about soundtrack release, i laughed.
Then i found that there is multiple comments about soundtrack.
Then i noticed this:

Well, either it's some sort of a long running joke, or you don't realize it, but WHOLE SOUNDTRACK IS JUST PITCH-SHIFTED AND SPEED-SHIFTED MUSIC FROM SONIC FORCES AND SONIC 1

But ok. Here it is.

I've uploaded raw music files that i used for game. I don't remember which effects i've applied to each song (It was kinda random), so i cannot recreate full songs with same settings. But at the end of the day, i guess this is better than nothing, at least i tagged these files with somewhat pretentious titles and added Fade-Out at the end of some songs.

You can find soundtrack in file section on main game page.


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Apr 25, 2018

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Whats the music or soundtrack name after you defeat eggman and he lies in T pose?

What's the song at the beginning of the game that's sped up?

What's the song at the very end of the game called?


It is "Theme of Infinite" from Sonic Forces